how to get out of debt

Managing Repayments for No Credit Check Loans: Payday Loan and Personal Loan

In Cambodia, the popularity of online loans no credit check has increased suddenly due to their accessibility and convenience. These loans are designed for individuals who may have difficulty securing traditional loans due to not having eligibility criteria and having

Benefits of Using Big Data in Finance

3 Clear Impacts of Smart Loans on Cambodia’s Real Estate Market

Smart loans have revolutionized the way individuals and businesses in Cambodia access financial services, especially within the real estate market. As digital innovations continue to shape various industries, the financial sector has seen significant changes, with smart loans at the

7 easy steps to get urgent business loans

Learn 5 Reasons Why Urgent Business Loans Is So Important

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on urgent business loans from Khmer Prosperity Loan – the financial rescue businesses rely on in times of need. In 2022, financial services provided credit of roughly $59,000 million to SMEs in Cambodia. Many SMEs

Traditional Loan vs Digital Loan - Loan Process

How Digital Loan Help Cambodian Access to Finance Easily | Getting Personal Loan Shouldn’t Be a Dream Anymore

For decades, Cambodia’s economic panorama has been dominated through conventional banks. These establishments, with their enforcing numerous physical branches and prolonged mortgage software approaches. The financial institution needs to use long and complicated steps to determine whether the loan is

Personal Loan vs Cash Loan

Understanding the 4 Pros and Cons of Cash Loans

Cambodia is a fast-developing country and it’s growing at a high speed. In this country, As the report showed, the Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) for 2022, released recently, out of the $48 billion disbursed as loans, more than $20 billion

7 warning signs possible predatory lending

Ways to Apply for Emergency Loan and Get Best Emergency Loans By Avoiding Predatory Loan Providers

In today’s Cambodia, unexpected financial needs can arise, leaving individuals in urgent need of assistance. Applying for an emergency loan can be a rescue during such times, offering a quick solution to pressing financial challenges. However, Cambodians might fall into

5 benefits of instant loans

Top 3 Best Instant Instant Loan Apps and Personal Loan Apps

Financial emergencies can arise at any moment, leaving you in unfortunate need of instant cash. In Cambodia, many unexpected incidents happen, and most of them have to be solved by financial support within the required timeframe. In the meantime, mobile

types of expenses

I Need $20000 Dollars by Tomorrow: How to Get 20K Personal Loans

In Cambodia, many people demand immediate attention for cash flow. Perhaps an unexpected medical bill, a severe home repair, or a golden investment opportunity has presented itself, and you find yourself urgently needing $20,000 by tomorrow. Let’s learn how to

10 Possible Benefits of Obtaining a Salary Loan

6 Proven Criterions of How to Get Salary Loan From Bank

With financial needs becoming bigger and bigger in Cambodia, many types of loan products are emerging in the market. A salary loan is one of the loans that is favorable to Cambodians because of its unique features and characteristics. But

Require documents for a business loan

10 Genuine Loan Documents Required for Personal Loan | The Role of Loan Documentation to Bank

Loan documents are the essential part every Cambodian must prepare before applying for a personal loan. It might be complicated for someone, especially in Cambodia’s low financial literacy segment. They need an idea of the function of loan documents. Khmer

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