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Traditional Loan vs Digital Loan - Loan Process

For decades, Cambodia’s economic panorama has been dominated through conventional banks. These establishments, with their enforcing numerous physical branches and prolonged mortgage software approaches. The financial institution needs to use long and complicated steps to determine whether the loan is approved or not, especially large amounts of loan like business loan and SME loan.

However, a new wave of innovation is changing the financial environment throughout the enterprise. This wave is referred to as new forms of loan providers and FinTech, and there’s one important element to bring the market to move on rapidly: digital loans. Khmer Prosperity Loan has offered digital loan to more than 400 Cambodians over 10 years.

Cambodia’s FinTech industry continues to be younger, however it is experiencing explosive increase, fueled by a smartphone revolution and a population keen to explore the possibilities. We can see the improvement with the number of registered e-wallet accounts increased to 20.2 million as of June 2023 year.

Value and Volume of E-wallet Transactions

Key Takeaways:

  • Cambodia’s financial landscape is undergoing a significant disruption driven by new forms of loan providers and digital loans.
  • New loan providers offer faster, easier access to credit through user-friendly instant loan apps and alternative data-driven loan approvals.
  • Traditional banks face challenges adapting to the digital age, with legacy systems and a need for cultural shifts towards innovation.
  • Collaboration between new loan providers and traditional banks presents exciting possibilities for financial inclusion and improved services for Cambodians.
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Did you know there were no online loan applications in Cambodia 30 years ago? There’s only a traditional banking system to service Cambodians by offering loans with paper and documents, especially agriculture loans that require more verification, like land ownership records – title deeds/lease deeds. The banking system in Cambodia has been around for a while, offering stability and different financial services. But it’s having a tough time keeping up with what customers need now because their financial needs are entirely different from the demand in the past.

benefits of digital lending

Applying for a loan takes forever, with tons of paperwork and trips to actual bank branches. That’s a big problem, especially for people in rural areas or those who aren’t so savvy about money. They also check your application or loan status by visiting the bank branches because there are many uncertain factors that prevent Cambodians from receiving the latest messages. If you don’t have much credit history, we’ll suggest you to contact Khmer Prosperity Loan to apply for an instant loan. This is where digital loans enter the scene by increasing access to the Cambodians, especially whoever is still living in the rural area. 

  • Faster and Secured Access to Credit: Applicants have to wait for their loan approvals in the 80s’. Digital mortgage platforms leverage technology to streamline the application method, often permitting debtors to apply entirely on mobile applications in a reply of mins. This convenience is especially attractive for new customers and younger Cambodians who adapt to navigating the virtual world to apply for auto car loans.
  • Beyond Credit Scores: Digital loan is an online platform which has the less stringent eligibility requirement for Cambodians. When digital loan providers review loan requests, they don’t just rely on your credit score. They check out other stuff like how much money you bring in and whether you pay your phone bill on time. Khmer Prosperity Loan promise most our client that we don’t require guarantor in the loan by increasing the approval rate to the applicant who has healthy and clean record.

This helps them get a better idea of how you handle your money overall and compare it with your full monthly repayment amount. There might be different types of digital loans that are offered by different financial institutions so the loan tenor varies according to the loan type so make sure it’s within your range. Knowing your repayment capability is the key to getting funds in the long run.

The Competitive Advantage of Digital Loan

The rise of digital loans in Cambodia is not very comfortable for borrowers. Even though there’s different types of startup funding options for businesses to get investment, we have to know about the fundamental advantages that an online platform is better than the on-site loan application.

User-Centric Design

Traditional banks can come off as pretty impersonal, thanks to all their old-school systems and rules. However, new forms of loan providers are different. They’re all about making things easy and user-friendly right from the start, digital loans sometimes can also be applied as emergency loans. Here’s why that matters:

  • Streamlined Applications: Forget tons of paperwork and more than one visit to a financial institution branch to meet them in person. Digital loan applications are designed for cellular devices, allowing debtors to finish the entire system online in a count of minutes. Applicants can select SMS, email, or mail options when applying for a quick loan. User-friendly interfaces and clear instructions guide candidates through each step, doing away with confusion and frustration.
application of AI in financial services
  • Intuitive User Interfaces: People think stepping into the financial market is hard because it requires special knowledge or even a finance degree in the past. However, financial tools are invented to service your client, so they should be simple and easy to understand. That’s how a professional loan provider should present himself with a clear and straightforward interface. On the Khmer Prosperity Loan website, there’s no fancy design, only a clean website with an easy button. We promise that all customers shouldn’t have to pay extra, as other illegal loan providers always say the fee charge varies according to their mood. You can adjust your desired home loan amount and interest rate to get real-time monthly amortization with our free loan calculator features.

Algorithmic Efficiency

New forms of loan providers are using FinTech tools to enhance your journey of getting financial solutions.

the fintech industry

Technology is at the core of FinTech’s gain. Digital lenders utilize the algorithms and automation to streamline the mortgage software technique and selection-making. This interprets into full-size benefits for both borrowers and creditors:

  • Automated Data Analysis: Traditional mortgage programs frequently involve manual verification of loan documents and credit score history. The applicants have to learn about the details on how to apply for a loan to avoid repetition of application. New FinTech platforms leverage automation to analyze the statistics factors, which includes bank statements, earnings verification, and even cellular smartphone utilization styles. Don’t under look these processes as it improves accuracy and reduces human error.
  • Alternative Data Sources: Digital loan is approved without relying on traditional credit score rankings. Therefore, a good credit history might not be the key factor in getting loan approval
  • Getting a small business loan without collateral security is not a dream on an online platform anymore. They make use of alternative information assets to evaluate a borrower’s creditworthiness. This can include studying cash flow styles via bank statements, bill charge records, or even information from mobile telephone operators concerning recharge behavior.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Automation and streamlined techniques lessen operational overhead for new forms of lending corporations. This led to lower processing fees for borrowers and loan providers.

New forms of lending companies are making it easier and cheaper for loan applicants in Cambodia to borrow money by making everything about the user and using cool tech to get things done faster. That’s why Wing’s digital loan and Khmer Prosperity Loan able to come out with instant approval.

The Challenges for Traditional Banks: Adapting to a New Reality of Bank App

The rise of online loans is shaking things up for traditional banks in Cambodia. Here are some areas where they need to step up to keep up:

1. Legacy Systems: A lot of traditional banks in Cambodia still use outdated systems that are all over the place and not adaptable in the fast-moving digital scene. It’s hard for these systems to keep up with new tech, which makes it tough to create easy-to-use online stuff. Plus, doing things by hand and using paper forms can really slow down getting loans or talking to customer service. Online lending platforms might only take 24 hours to complete the process from fill application form to disburse the loan amount.

Major banks in Cambodia

2. Building a Digital Culture: Old-school banks have been around forever, following all the rules laid out for them. But getting with the times and keeping up with FinTech isn’t easy. They’ve got to start being more open to new ideas and moving fast to keep their customers happy and stay in the game as technology keeps changing.

3. Customer Service in the Digital Age: Even though automation can make things faster, it’s still important to have real people you can talk to in banking. Trust is a big deal, especially online. Traditional banks have to figure out how to use machines to make things run smoother while still giving folks the personal help they need when things get tricky with their money.

Here are some ways traditional banks in Cambodia can address these challenges:

  • Investing in Modernization: They can make their online stuff easier to use and speed up things like getting personal loans approved and helping customers out.
  • Embracing Innovation: Traditional banks can install devoted innovation labs or partner with FinTech companies to explore new technology and develop progressive economic products and services.
  • Building a Strong Digital Presence: Developing user-pleasant cellular apps for banking transactions, loan applications, and account management can move a protracted way in attracting and maintaining customers.

The Evolving Landscape: Collaboration or Competition in Cambodia?

The emergence of new forms of loan providers is shaking things up for traditional banks. Working together might just be the way forward for banking in the future. Here’s why:

Collaboration for Mutual Benefit

Instead of seeing each other as total rivals, new forms of loan providers and regular banks can figure out how to team up and make things better for people in Cambodia. Here are some capacity areas of collaboration:

  • Data Sharing: New loan providers don’t always have as much info about people’s credit history as regular banks do. But if they share some of that info — without giving away personal stuff— and make sure they’re following all the rules about keeping data private, it could help them both out. This way, they can make better decisions about who to lend money to and maybe help out more folks who haven’t had much access to loans before.

The Competitive Response

While collaboration offers exciting possibilities, traditional banks are not sitting idly by. Here are some ways they are responding to the challenge of FinTech:

  • Investments in Digital Platforms: Lots of banks like ABA, Wing, ACELDA are putting money into making their websites and phone apps better. They’re making it easier to apply for digital loans online, manage your account, and do your banking on your phone.
  • Developing Competitive Digital Loan Products: Traditional banks are also making their own digital loan stuff to meet the growing demand for quick and easy access to credit. This might mean offering smaller loans that you pay back faster, focusing on certain groups of customers, or even using different kinds of info to decide if they’ll lend you money or not.

How to Get Personal Loan and Enjoy Money Transfer Within an App

After introducing so many useful functions from the financial apps, Khmer Prosperity Loan is here to promote one of the trending apps in Cambodia – Wing Bank App. There are many features you can get from it, like applying for digital loans via the Wing app. As long as you’re a Wing customer, you can open the Wing Bank app and tap on the loan icon to fill in all the required information, like loan amount, mobile number, and your current payroll. Thanks to the power of technology, the loan limits and monthly installments will be shown immediately.

Traditional Loan vs Digital Loan - Loan Process

Wing Bank offers their digital loan with a $20 – $50,000 limit for up to 36 months. However, the interest rate varies according to the applicant profile, so whoever is interested can apply manually via the Wing Bank app.

You can download it from Play Store of Android and App Store of IOS. To avoid any late payment, they’re a reminder for repayment amount from your Wing consulting service via the Wing app.

How to Get 20k Personal Loans:

  1. Download Wing bank app
  2. Visit the nearest Wing agent
  3. Register account
  4. Click the loan application button
  5. Read the T&C
  6. Apply now


FinTech and digital loans are changing how Cambodians borrow money. The long and boring approval process has mostly been eliminated in fast-paced Cambodia and replaced by new trusted loan providers like Khmer Prosperity Loan. Contact us today to learn more about how the digital loan helps you in your life, or directly make a reservation to apply for any loan services you need. We have to urge every digital loan applicant to do responsible lending and repay their own installment timely to create a pleasurable financial environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the benefits of digital loan applications?

Digital loan applications offer convenience, speed, and accessibility. Applicants can apply from anywhere with internet access, reducing paperwork and branch visits. Automated processes streamline approvals, providing quicker responses. Additionally, digital platforms often offer user-friendly interfaces, making the application process simpler and more intuitive for borrowers.

Q2. What is the banking system in Cambodia?

The banking system in Cambodia comprises traditional banks and emerging FinTech companies. Traditional banks offer stability and financial products, while FinTech companies leverage technology for innovation. Both aim to meet the evolving needs of Cambodian consumers, fostering financial inclusion and economic growth.

Q3. Why is it harder to get a loan?

Getting a loan can be challenging due to strict eligibility criteria, such as credit history requirements and income verification. Additionally, cumbersome application processes and paperwork may prolong approval times. Limited financial literacy and access to traditional banking services further compound the difficulty for some borrowers.

Q4. How do you borrow money from Fintech?

To borrow from FinTech, visit their website or download their app. Complete an online application providing personal and financial information. The platform assesses your eligibility and offers loan options. Upon approval, funds are typically transferred electronically to your bank account, providing quick access to borrowed funds.

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