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Need some fast cash? Bad credit history? We don’t mind about your past, just the future. Try loan start and feel secure in your future.

1.  Subject to verification, suitability and affordability

2.  Few simple documents are needed for types of loans, and no guarantor is needed.

Your security. Our priority.

We always have your security in mind. Rest easy knowing your data is protected with 128-bit encryption. Learn more.

Frequently asked questions

Quick Loan is our expedited financial solution, designed to provide immediate funds for your urgent needs with minimal paperwork and processing time.

Once approved, funds are typically disbursed to your account within 24-48 hours, ensuring you have access to the money when you need it most.

Any Cambodian citizen with a stable source of income and meeting our minimal criteria can apply for our Quick Loan service.

While Quick Loans are generally for smaller amounts due to their expedited nature, the exact sum varies based on your financial profile and needs.

No collateral is required for our Quick Loans, making the process even swifter and more straightforward.

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